The digital

Record Collection.

leed will be the new easy way to share your music to the world. Share the music which give you special feelings. Your favorite party song, your earworm, your favorite christmas music, music you hear when you are in a sad mood or party tracks from the last holiday. Everything is possible. Share it to your friends, give them an advice to a song you just found or listen what you friends affect.

Spotify, Tidal, iTunes, YouTube, Amazon Prime Music, Napster, Google Music, Soundcloud, etc. The list of providers who offer music in the internet is very long and seems to be endless. It’s never been so easy to listen to music within seconds. But also it was never been so hard to get an overview about all the offers. For providers it’s not possible to offer all the existing music in the world. leed want to work together with all the music providers in a B2B and will help people to get an overview over all the music the internet has to offer.

The photo-sharing and social network Instagram is leeds biggest inspiration and model. leed want to revolutionize sharing music, like Instagram revolutionized sharing photos. The system, the look and the feeling Instagram offer to share photos is transmissible to music. leed want to become an influencer marketing tool for music. Similar to the Fashion-Bloggers like they exist on Instagram, Music-Blogger will use leed as a platform for sharing they’re content.

leed will be a revolutionary new music network who brings people and music together like never before.

"Make Music easy again"